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Why Solar Power

Renewable energy is our future, as solar powered lights help reduce your carbon footprint and are good for the environment. Let’s leave the earth in as healthy shape as we can for our kids. Solar lights are also convenient because they don’t need extra wiring, so you mount them wherever you want, without hiring an electrician.

Safe & Secure Home

Plenty of lighting is the friend of safety and security. Dark spots on your driveway or sidewalk can be hazardous. Whether it’s taking out the trash at night, or providing a lighted path for your friends and guests, safety requires illumination in the right places. Darkness around your home can also invite prowlers. Security experts agree that lights are a good deterrent to crime.

Why Choose Us

We started our company with the goal of providing a better shopping experience for consumers. First, we offer quality lights. But because we believe in our products, we also stand behind them with better customer service than you may be used to. We respond to questions, solve problems, and do our best to have satisfied customers.